Intuos 5 + Touch + Photoshop +bjango (oh no!)

Ok, so bjango’s Marc Edwards has created an awesome set of scripts for creating vector icons in photoshop for things like… iOS apps:

The only problem is, there are actions in there which interfere with photoshops built in screen rotation scripts. I got a new Intuos 5 (wacom) late last year because I wanted to try a more natural drawing experience in the computer.

It’s great(ish) except it kept firing off an action based on f14 (and shift-f14, these actions also are what wacom uses to rotate the canvas (they are the built in rotation commands for photoshop)

So I would try to rotate the canvas to the right with touch and I would get 2 rotation steps and then I’d see this ‘the command “copy merged” is not currently available.

I just deleted those 2 actions and now everything is hunky dory.